MadMax Farms was established as a tribute to Maxwell Richard Niemeyer in 2004.

Max was born on September 5, 1999 to Eric and Stephanie Niemeyer.  Shortly after birth the doctors suspected something wasn’t quite right.  After a series of test Max was diagnosed with Lissencephaly, a very rare neurological disorder.  The prognosis was devastating for the first time parents, as the doctors gave little hope for development and cognitive function.

Max’s first several months were on-going appointments with various types of specialists at Columbus Children’s Hospital.  From day on Max beat the odds.  Max was a very happy little boy surrounded by love and hope. Encouraged by small successes we remained cautiously optimistic that Max would someday be able to show expression and ultimately smile.

Seizures were a constant battle, which for the most part were controlled with medication.  Through the assistance of the many specialists at Columbus Children’s Hospital and the home health care nurses and therapists, Max thrived.  He was able to nurse and fed from a bottle and spoon for most of his life; and these simple things were huge milestones.

Max had his own unique way of communicating and everyone around him for any length of time could understand his communication.  One of the ways Max communicated was waving his arms and pointing his index finger as if to announce he was number one.

Early in his life, Max was given the nickname “Little Buddy.” Throughout his life his beautiful blonde curls, blue eyes, and long eyelashes would always garner attention.  When Max was three, we got our wish and he began smiling regularly.  We firmly believed that with the assistance of his family, nurses and therapists Max would walk someday!

God’s plan was different, however, and on September 20, 2004 Max died suddenly.  Max’s death was very peaceful, as he died in his sleep.  We trust that Max is now running, playing and talking with other children in heaven; and we find comfort that one-day we will all be reunited in God’s house!

While we miss him terribly, Max’s shot time here on earth touched an incredible number of lives.  To carry on what Max started; we dedicate this farm to him and our daughter, Madison.  We have benefited tremendously from the care provided at Columbus Children’s  Hospital and are truly blessed to have them as part of our community, It is our promise that 100% of all contributions accepted by this farm will be given to children’s charities to further research and work with children.

“Little Buddy,” you will always be number one in our book!

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