img_1863MadMax Farms began operations in 2005.  Not having been raised on a farm this has been a totally new experience for Eric and Stephanie and at the same time a dream come true.

The first year of operation MadMax Farms grew 2 acres of pumpkins and made an attempt at sweet and ornamental corn.  In 2006, MadMax Farms added 90 acres of soybeans to the rotation and in 2007 approximately 50 more acres were added.  In an effort to continue growth, in 2008 an additional 50 acres were added to MadMax Farms operation and in 2008 an additional 145 was added to production.  Also in 2009 field cord was added to the rotation.



Pumpkins remain and integral part of MadMax Farms operations and will continue to be an outreach to the community and beyond.

We are grateful for the children and families we have been able to bless with our operations and continue to keep our eyes open for additional expansion opportunities.  If you are interested in experiencing production agriculture first hand, contact us for the opportunity!

farmop4Starting from scratch has been challenging in terms of accumulating a full line of equipment and the acreage to raise a crop.  The majority of the equipment used in the MadMax Farms operation has been purchased over time at auction.  Tractors range in horsepower from 40 to 175.  Crops are planted with a 15 foot grain drill, a six row corn planter and a homemade pumpkin planter.  Because of parts availability and the quality of local service, MadMax Farms proudly uses almost exclusively John Deere equipment.